L'Oréal Fashion Week

FDCC meeting notes - August 2006

As you likely know if you have been following Modelresource for a while, this site has not been shy about advocating on behalf of models associated with L'Oréal Fashion Week.

At times Modelresource has been sharply critical of the Fashion Design Council of Canada, its direction and its decisions.

Modelresource devotes more coverage to fashion week than any other media we've been able to find, and has spent a lot of time getting acquainted with the event, so we certainly feel justified in sharing our thoughts.

Among the points with which Modelresource has taken exception in the past:
  • the FDCC allocation of funds to things like bus shelter ads, rather than big name Canadian models.
    • Modelresource is of the opinion that investing in top Canadian models will draw the attention of the world's fashion media to Toronto, which is good for both designers and models.
  • the lack of a modelling industry voice at the FDCC decision-making table.
    • Modelresource believes (because we've heard it often) a lot of models and their parents have needlessly suffered as a result of questionable FDCC decisions - situations that could have been avoided if someone had been allowed to speak on behalf of the models.
Below is the exact text sent to agencies following a meeting last week, featuring representatives of most of Toronto's top agencies and the FDCC.

Please note, Modelresource was not a participant in the meeting itself, so we will not be drawing conclusions based solely on this document. Certainly though, it is this site's opinion that the FDCC has taken a major step forward.

Model Agency Meeting - August 14th 2006

  • agents need passes and access to backstage in order to :
    • take care of their models
    • properly be responsible for models who are minors
    • protect their models from the solicitation of other agencies
  • backstage is a really crowed and hectic place to be during the shows
  • when too many agents are backstage at one time it becomes cluttered and crazy
  • we need to limit the number of agents that are backstage at one time because we just don't have the space to accommodate so many people
  • agents want to be backstage to assist their models if they need help and to protect their models from the solicitation of other agents
  • some agencies think that that agents SHOULD be allowed back stage and some agencies think that agents SHOULD NOT be allowed backstage
Models Minors
  • Who's responsibility are they?
  • Ultimately the agency needs to be responsible if they book minor for a show and the ability and ease of them accessing backstage will aid in this process and enable the minors to be properly looked after and cared for
  • Parents of minor models and models who are from out of town WANT to watch their children walk in the shows that they are participating in
  • They DO NOT want to buy passes or have to register to see their child perform
  • Maybe they can be given wristbands which will all allow them standing room access to see the show that their child is in
  • This will alleviate the clutter backstage because parents will be watching the shows instead of hanging out
  • Wristbands or some other form of pass will be allotted to the agencies at the rate of ONE per model ( additional family member who wish to watch the show must purchase a pass)
  • Agencies will be responsible for handing out these "wristbands" to the models and we are TRUSTING these will NOT be abused
Drop Off/Pick up Area
  • A concern was expressed regarding the safety of models when they leave the shows late at night, in the past their have been issues with not having a designated drop off/ pick up area and drivers/taxis have not been able to properly pick up their assigned models
  • This could be alleviated with a designated drop off/pick up area. This will ensure that all drivers and models know where they need to go to get the proper transportation that they are requiring be it parent pick up or other driving arrangements.
Proper Maps/ Floor Plans of the Venue
  • The agencies would like to be issued a detailed floor plan/map of the building detailing important areas ( drop off/pick up area, backstage, washrooms, hair and make up, food etc etc...) this will enable them to better be prepared for the event and better prep their models for the shows
FDCC Liaison
  • There is no one currently at the FDCC that is looking out for the models/agents
  • We need one or two representatives from the model agency body to act as a liaison between the FDCC and then they can raise and bring issues to the FDCC that are concerns of the model agencies
  • Following the Meeting the agents will vote on who this should be over email and Carolyn with tabulate the votes and announce the liaison in the next few weeks
Solicitation and TRUST
  • The agents have agreed that LFW is not the place to be solicitation models
  • This act makes the event stressful and is upsetting to the other agents
  • Agents have to respect each other and trust that this wont occur going forward as it has caused much upset and animosity in the past
  • Should this continue to happen we will have to revisit the privilege of allowing agents to go backstage.
Designer - Model Relationship
  • Designers need to give better instruction to their models
  • Agencies should express what they would like for the designers to prep their models on before hand and this list of instructions should be given to the designers along with their designer handbook
Designer - Agency Relationship
  • Agencies and Model are NOT getting paid (both in $$ and in contra) for the shows that they are participating in
  • Although this relationship is between the designer and the agency, the agencies are asking for the support of the FDCC in promoting the importance and sanctity of respecting this relationship and not abusing the agencies
  • Images and clips of models are being used by sponsors for ads and the agencies are NOT getting paid
  • The agencies need to draft up a document listing the rules and regulations with regards to this usage so that the FDCC can be informed on what IS and what IS NOT okay
  • Agencies asking for the support of the FDCC on this matter
Food and Water
  • The FDCC will supply water but it is the responsibility of the model to bring their own food if their designer is not providing it!
Getting Excited!
  • This should be an exciting event
  • We need to hear from the agents on how we can make it better, more exciting and more attractive for their models to come
  • The "big" names should want to come and participate and be proud of their country and what it is doing in fashion
  • The FDCC needs the agencies to tell us how and help us make this happen!
  • Two agency backstage passes PER show - if you have models in the show
  • One parent pass per model
  • One pass for each agent per agency
  • No parents backstage
  • One or two agents to be the liaison with the FDCC—Voted upon
  • NO solicitation of other agents models
Please note: Passes can be picked up at the FDCC offices at a set date (TBD) approximately one week prior to Fashion Week. I will contact you at a later date with this information.