LG Fashion Week


Models (and one booker) around
food generously provided by
David Dixon

Take a good look at this photo.

Designer David Dixon - undoubtedly one of the classiest people associated with Canadian Fashion - brought food for the models! He does that. And Modelresource loves him for it.

Modelresource, as you may know, has long been critical of the Fashion Design Council of Canada for not providing food for the models backstage. I was talking to some of the travelling models yesterday and apparently Toronto is about the only stop on their circuit where there isn't something healthy provided to keep their energy up.

I was thinking ahead this year, and struck a deal with Sequel, to have some Vega product available.

I've been using Vega's Whole Food Health Optimizer for well over a year, and I'm carrying their Vibrancy Bars with me all week. So if you're around the tents and you see me, let me know. I'm more than happy to share.

In case you're wondering, I'm not getting paid to do this. I bought the big tub of Vega in my kitchen (retail). This really is a product I believe in, and if I can help out some models backstage with some natural, plant-based, vegan nutrition, that's enough for me.

Modelresource loves Moms.

Tuesday, while waiting for Travis Taddeo's 4:00 p.m. show, I found myself sitting next to Victoria Denofrio's mother, getting caught up on the model's recent developments.

The Ottawa-area brunette (with Models International Management) spent a month in Paris with Nathalie this summer, after being cast by an L.A. producer wanting to do a "month in the life" television show, following a new face around the French capital.

You only have to go back a few days to know how this website feels about Victoria.

Victoria Denofrio backstage (left), and in David Dixon
runway shot: Felix Wong (

Another Mom of whom Modelresource is very fond is Gill Somers.

She, of course, is the mother of Kate Somers.

Following a strong international show season, Ford's 5'11" star is only doing a few shows this week (Holt Renfrew, David Dixon and Pink Tartan), while catching up on nearly two months of missed school time.

I love being able to chat with Gill Somers, dissecting the Alexander McQueen show, discussing Marc Jacobs and hearing her stories of transportation in Paris.

For the record, Dad is really great too. I sat with him during the David Dixon show, which Kate closed in a gorgeous white gown.

Modelresource ♥ Gill & Kate Somers

Ford's remarkable Kate Somers for David Dixon
photo: Felix Wong (

This is a girl I've been anxious to meet for a long time.

Kaitlyn Vanderkooi, since signing with Next earlier this year, has been flown to Toronto to shoot Flare with Chris Nicholls (, and now makes her first appearance at fashion week.

On Tuesday, the Vancouver-area model closed Barbie by David Dixon.

Next's Kaitlyn Vanderkooi closing Barbie by David Dixon
runway shot: Felix Wong (

I know there are still people out there that don't "get" Twitter.

Here's an example of how it's useful.

On Monday, during VAWK's opening show, I tweeted that Next's Jessica was the first girl out for SS/2010.

Five minutes later Next scout Corey Mann had a call from an acquaintance in Vancouver that saw my tweet to ask if it was the same Jessica he scouted. (it is).

By Tuesday word had spread so quickly that Australian media were calling Toronto to get the story.

Jessica Elsegood, you see, is a bit of a celeb in her native land, after winning the "Dolly Magazine Model of the Year" competition several years ago, and making numerous high-profile appearances since.

She was in Vancouver with her boyfriend Duncan (who is now also a Next model, and recently shot a 10-page story for Viet Sun), when Mann scouted the pair on the street.

I'm running out of time to update this site today, but I will be tweeting from on-site throughout the day. Follow me at

Next's Duncan Ward and Jessica Elsegood

Chantale Nadeau now has a men's division.

We caught up with the Men's Director - Chantale Nadeau / Sutherland model Christy Battell - following David Dixon.

Chantale Nadeau Men's Director Christy Battell

Sutherland owner Ann Sutherland and agent Brandon Hall

Hair & makeup artist Dylan K. Hanson

Ford's Katie Bishop following VATA Brasil


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