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Dan Grant
Modelresource Publisher Dan Grant
photo: Shalan & Paul (www.shalanandpaul.com)
It was not a coincidence that modelresource.ca was registered on July 1st. This site was designed as a Canadian resource, created at the request of models in need of credible, up-to-date information.

Modelling is a dynamic, complex, confusing industry. Ideally, I want this to be the first place people go when they have questions about modelling.

Since Modelresource went live in 2001, I have received a lot of e-mail on a variety of issues, and as is necessary in this industry I’ve learned a lot of new stuff along the way.

Although this website is not updated as much as it once was, there is still an effort being made to keep the agency listings updated. If you spot a mistake, please let me know.

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Thanks for visiting.

Dan Grant,