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Dan Grant
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Thank you for visiting Modelresource. As the Founder and Publisher of this site, I appreciate you stopping by.

Although I personally spent tens of thousands of hours developing this website, going back as far as 1999, much of Modelresource's enduring appeal is due to the many, many contributors that shared their own personal stories and expertise.

As my final revision I've chosen to turn over the front page to some of the articles I believe are most useful to a more general audience.

Changes will not be made to Modelresource beyond this. I hope you enjoy what remains.

Best Regards,

Dan Grant


I fully appreciate that some people may no longer wish to be identified with the fashion industry, but it is no longer convenient for me, as Publisher, to make revisions. For that reason, there is a fee for the removal of any content.

Please email the particulars of what you would like changed or erased to If your request is accepted, you will be charged $20.00 CDN for the first page (or portion of a page). Each subsequent page (if all requests are processed at the same time) will require an additional $10.00 CDN. All payments must be made through PayPal.

Prior to content being removed you will receive an email confirming your request, as well as payment details. Once your payment is received, the content will be removed from Modelresource and erased from the server within 48 hours.

Please Note: Content may still appear in search engine results long after it has been removed from the server. This is not something Modelresource can control.