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Rebecca in Shanghai
Modelresource’s Rebecca Dunham from Shanghai: “As long as I love it I don’t have to quit; there is no expiration date on a career until you have decided you are finished.”
JURIED: Elite’s Tiffany, Emily and Carolyn by Justin Aranha
JURIED: M.I.M.’s Nina by Tina Picard
JURIED: Swish’s Jesse Landon by Roberutsu
JURIED: Sutherland’s Joly Ann by Glensius Cal
JURIED: Nine models from Plutino Group, Spot 6 and Elite by Tianxiao Zhang
JURIED: Next Canada’s Michie by Ryan Francoz
JURIED: Montage’s Ariane by Jeremy Bobrow
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Dan Grant

Why does no one in this industry speak up for the male models that get victimized?

Dan Grant

So just how valid are contracts with minors? What does a parent’s signature really mean?


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Anna Okorokov in Singapore

“If not for the lack of a fiancĂ©e, the bridal shows are almost like the real deal. We do full dress rehearsals…”

Ksenia Mezenina, in Paris

“Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. This is what I kept telling myself Wednesday. By 2:00 pm (which felt like 9:00 pm because I was so tired)…”
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